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About Me

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Providing equine massage services mainly in Lincolnshire, I am a certified Equine Sports & Remedial Therapy Practitioner with with over 1200 hours of education and training. As a member of the International Association of Animal Therapists (IAAT) I am committed to provide high quality of therapy services and continue my professional development attending seminars, workshops and conferences to extend the range of modalities I can offer during my appointments.​

My Story

Hello and thank you for choosing to spend your time getting to know me.

I am committed and determined to grow and provide the best possible service to your equine companion.

My life wasn't always about horses. I have a very scientific mind and were always been pushed towards an academic career rather than encouraged to follow my dream which was to simply become a vet. I received MENSA membership just before turning 18 and went to study at Warsaw University of Technology (Poland). I completed studies in Biomedical Engineering receiving MSc and PhD titles (Faculty: Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering, Specialization: Radiation Therapy) and then started to work as Associate Professor on my Alma Mater, as Radiation Specialist at the National Center for Radiation Research and as Medical Physicist in the National Oncology Center. My hobby was Irish dancing, which I was eagerly enjoying, performing for tv shows and running my own dancing studio (mostly for children whose parents worked for an Irish Embassy in Warsaw, Poland). I was successful, but not quite fulfilled and was drawn to the animal world - taking care of a rescue dog, pet-sitting etc. 


And then..

..I discovered horses...

And then..

..I bought my first horse...

And then.. life changed...

If you love animals and you understand the commitment you're making by taking care of them, then you'll understand my way. My first horse (still with me) is an Arabian gelding. Bought as a "hacking horse" (although in Poland hacking means a quite different thing than in the UK), but really was more like a rescue case. I knew very little back then, but (convinced by my partner) decided to buy a horse who looked nothing like the advert photos. Skinny, sad and dehydrated. We transported him to the yard near our home (with some unpleasant surprises along the way), let him settle, recover and then everything began. From the massive hoof imbalance to uncomfortability under the saddle (saddle that he was sold with him). From the total fear of leaving his stable box to bolting off during training. As a fresh owner I was thrown into deep water and unfortunately became an easy target to so-called specialists who would happily consult and sell me "magic solutions" (like 3 saddles with no-refitting service). Thankfully I also met some decent ones as well. Due to my researcher instincts I started digging and learning and attending workshops for horse owners, so I could understand what was happening, form my own opinions and be able to spot and react before it was too late (for example spot the first signs of discomfort and react before exaggerated behavior). I bet you understand how important the timing is while training horses, and the same is with their well-being.


From there the story get simpler, with one significant fact - I moved to the United Kingdom: with my beloved horse, rescued dog and (of course :) ) my partner. I finally decided to follow my dreams and pursue a profession within the equine world to help keep horses physical and mental heath on top form. I just can't stay away. My interests lie not only within anatomy and physiology but also with biomechanics of movement, behavior, psychology and liberty training. Due to my scientific background, I am interested in and understand the work of technological devices that may help with physiotherapy, such as PEMF and low-level laser therapy.

I was awarded my first diploma in Equine Massage Therapy during autumn of 2019 and became a member of IAAT (International Association of Animal Therapists).


Please see below some of my credential and a few private photos.

Edyta (Eddie) Jakubowska, PhD.

Member of MENSA UK



Behind the scenes

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